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Discover how to dramatically improve profitability by removing up to 30% of overheads

Discover how to dramatically improve  profitability by removing up to 30% of overheads

Profit is the lifeblood of any organisation, does yours need a transfusion? We can help you to identify the underlying causes of poor profit performance and peel back the inefficiencies undermining your profitability. Did you know that waste can account for up to 30% of the operating costs of an organisation? We both identify wasteful practises and missed opportunities in your organisation and arm you with minimisation strategies to optimise your profitability.

How we optimise your profit

We will guide you through a proven set of tools and methodologies to improve your profitability. These include:

• Profit Formula: Analysis of the underlying elements contributing to your profit, generating ideas for optimising sales, reducing overhead and decreasing variable expenses

• Seven Wastes: A powerful process from Toyota that focused on the ‘seven wastes’, identifying where waste is occurring in your organisation and developing removal strategies

Practical outcomes, not theory

Use a unique set of tools to drive the profit improvement process and ensure that it simply becomes a blueprint for ‘the way you do business’:

• One to one session with an experienced business advisor

• Walk away with a clear and concise ‘One Page Profit Improvement Plan’ for your business

• Learn a series of profit improvement tools you can use yourself in the business

Aiming to improve profitability over the next 12 months? Engage us to help make those plans a reality. Importantly, Kemp Le Tissier can assist in turning your profit improvement plans into reality by supporting the implementation process with advisory support.

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